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Social Media Advertising: Why It Works

Social media advertising is the fastest way to see results in the digital marketing world. The endless creative possibilities and sophisticated targeting options allow you to put exactly what you want in front of exactly who you want, when you want. Still not convinced? Read on.

Target Specific Audiences

Social media advertising allows you to place ads where you know your target consumers are going to see it. What could be more valuable than that? By knowing exactly who your target audience is and where they spend most of their “scrolling time”, you can strategically place ads where you know they will see them.

Retarget Interested Visitors

Another powerful social media advertising tool is the ability to retarget certain people. Whether they’ve visited your website in the past month or viewed a certain page on your site, we have the ability to target ads specifically to people we know are already interested in your product or service. It’s been proven that targeting previous website visitors with personalized ads results in a much higher chance of them ultimately converting.

Endless Creative Possibilities

Social media advertising’s creative license knows no bounds. Images, videos, and text can be changed and enhanced an endless number of times resulting in consistently fresh new ads. In today’s highly visual world, it’s important that your content stands out and immediately grabs attention. Due to the minimal effort and time it takes to change a social media ad’s creative, we can use real-time feedback to alter messaging and visuals to until we see desired results. Can a billboard do that?

Highly Measurable Results

Not only are social media ads highly customizable, but their results are extremely easy to analyze. Depending on your advertising goal, there are a multitude of statistics that can be reviewed to determine the effectiveness of an ad campaign. For example, if an ad designed to increase awareness of a product promotion has a much higher click-through rate when consumers are shown a video rather than a single image.

Social media advertising is not only a vital part of a business’ digital marketing strategy but also usually one of the fastest to demonstrate ROI. If your business needs exposure and it needs it now, social media ads are the way to go.

At Auction Hut Marketplace, we have extensive experience creating and optimizing highly effective social media ads that result in increased engagement or conversions. Give us a call to see how we can transform your business’ social media ad game.

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How Do Instagram & Facebook Promotions Work & How Will They Help?

So if you’re a business that has a conscious social media marketing strategy, you may have found yourself asking, how do Instagram promotions work?

Let’s start with bit of background on the features open to businesses on Instagram.

In the last couple years Instagram has been rolling out bundles of features to help businesses utilize the massive reach on their social media platform.

This is especially helpful for businesses when you take into account what separates Instagram from other social media platforms.

As you can tell from this study doneon user engagement with brands, Instagram blows other platforms out ofthe water when it comes to getting to know your audience. With a moreattentive group of followers, you are much more likely to driveconversions on Instagram vs. other social media.

The first major change they rolled out was in 2016 with the addition of business profiles.

Instead of having to brand personalaccounts, businesses who operate a Facebook page can now operatecommercial accounts equipped with tools that go beyond your personalprofile.

Instagram even gives you the abilityto switch back to a personal account if you so desire. Some people claimthat Facebook and subsequently Instagram’s algorithm ranks personalaccounts higher than brands. But that has not been found to be the casewhile Instagram pushes business to convert.

Some of these include:

  • A dedicated contact button instead of having to bury the information in your bio.
  • Being able to designate a category/industry for your business
  • Access to Instagram Insights. This ahuge one. Instead of relying on likes/comments, you can see deeperanalytics on your engagement, reach demographics, and impressions.
  • The ability to post ads vs. simply adstyle posts. These appear as sponsored posts in a feed/story and comewith countless targeting specifications, ad styles, goals, and paymenttypes.
  • Influencer marketing integration.Since the FTC cracked down, influencers are required to discloseearnings from promotions they push. Business accounts can tie themselvesto their paid posts with the ‘Paid Partnership’ tag so that they canremain compliant as well as get analytics on content they didn’t postthemselves.

One of the features that we are going to dive into, that came alongside all of Instagram’s improvements, is the ability to promote your posts as well.

How do Instagram & Facebook promotions work to make my business grow?

Have you ever heard of social proof?

It’s the concept that higherengagement through reviews, testimonials, shares, and other popularitymetrics that contribute to your credibility as a business. This seemsobvious, but it is the game that surrounds social media.

People look towards other people not only for validation, but also for the next big thing.

And that’s not a bad thing.

In the fast-paced, high-informationworld we live in today, how likely is it that quality content is goingto get passed up by everybody unless technical execution is the painpoint?

If you can get your post to receivetraction through engagement, it turns into a snowball effect where morepeople are willing to like, comment, and convert if they see others aredoing the same.

So how do Instagram promotions work on my social proof?

Instagram promotions’ biggest use case is creating brand awareness. By boosting a post, you can kickstart the snowball effect and get posts the traction they deserve. This helps skyrocket reach and is very effective if your primary goal is high visibility.

Instagram’s algorithm’s, much likeother social media platforms, operates off of an acceleration/viralityfactor. This means that the quicker your posts get off to the rightstart, the higher the ranking algorithms will put you in the feed.

And how could you blame them? There are more than 800 posts made per secondon Instagram across over 1 billion monthly active users as of 2018.People have their work cut out for them to get visibility, but it hasbeen done time and time again.

Instagram is one of the fastestgrowing social media platforms. And since they launched businessaccounts in 2016, it has come to be expected for your business to haveits own profile.

Instagram has found that 60% of userssay they learn about new products or services on their platform. What’seven more astonishing is that 75% say that they will take action afterseeing a posts. This includes visiting sites, purchasing products, oreven sharing posts, what every business dreams of.

How do Instagram & Facebook promotions work different than ads?

Instagram helps businesses get alittle bit more juice out of their posts through their promotionsfeature. Much like Google or Facebook Ads, you can accelerate your reachthrough a pay to play system.

Instagram operates their ad/promotion structure on a Cost-Per-1000 Impressions (CPM) basis. This means that you pay the specified bid amount on your post for every 1,000 people that see it.

Other platforms like Google Ads operates on a Cost-Per-Click (CPC),where you receive free visibility and only pay for successful clicks.Because Instagram values visibility you will have to put work in tooptimize posts so that you reach your goals without wasting too muchmoney.

However there is a difference betweenads made through the Facebook Ads manager and promotions (ads) madethrough the Instagram app. That is an important distinction to make.

Before you can understand the answer to how do Instagram promotions work,you first have to understand what an Insta promo is. InstagramPromotions are normal, non-advertisement posts that you would like toconvert to a sponsored post with elevated reach. They can appear in thesame spot with the same ‘Sponsored’ tag, but Instagram treats themdifferently in their algorithm.

This is because there is a nuance ineach of their purposes. While each are there to increase visibility andengagement. An Ad has many more preferences for targeting andcustomization because the leading purpose is to convert. A promotionserves to take a well performing post to the next level in terms ofprofile views, likes, comments, and shares.

If visibility, reach, and engagement are your goals, then think about opting for the boosted promotional.

Take a look at the interfaces that Instagram provides for promotions (left) vs. ads (right).

You may be asking yourself, why would I use promotions over ads?

Remember, the purpose of boosting anInstagram post is to receive the maximum amount of visibility and reachas possible. It is not always necessary to launch an entire ad campaignevery time you want to spike brand awareness.

Instagram knows this, which is whythey offer it as a feature. Its purpose is to convert quality posts intomainstream, targeted ads so that you can share its value with peoplebeyond your normal audience.

While sales and lead generation remain paramount, social media accounts require nurturing through a variety of posts. Too much of the same is never good for anyone or any business. An effective social media marketing strategy will incorporate a healthy mix of both promotions and ads.

Polishing Your Content

Instagram promotions are a great wayto get that boost in reach that your posts need. But if the content isunrefined, its message will fall on deaf ears.

Insights and other forms of analyticswill definitely help guide your content and highlight pain points.However, creating content that will resonate with your audience is adifferent beast and will need a more holistic approach.

Effective content needs to beinteresting, memorable, and actionable.  To achieve this, you need to bemindful of commonalities in your consumer base. One of the best ways totake the guesswork out of content creation is to employ sociallistening.

Social listening is putting your earto the ground to hear what people are saying and finding what trends arehot in your industry.

There are countless software out thereto help you keep track of the conversation. In essence, you are tryingto nail down consumer sentiment when it comes to your brand, certaintypes of products, and even your competition.

Social listening can aid your Instagram promotions by:

  • Trailing consumer sentiment following a new promotion campaign
  • Identify common consumer pain points to target
  • Discovering gaps in the services/products offered in your industry (not just your brand)
  • Finding demographics that have yet to be targeted in a smart fashion
  • Helping incorporate consumer lingo/buzzwords that speak to your audience
  • Weeding out ineffective content or mistakes in your strategy


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